Signal – Cause


The machine does not turn on

The machine is not plugged in

Plug in the machine

The main switch is positioned on “0”

Move the main switch to “I”

The machine does not dispense drinks Internal switch (21) is positioned on “O”.

The keypad has been locked

Open the front door and move switch (21) into position “I”.

Internal switch (21) is positioned on “I”.

An error has been made in the programming of beverage quantities. Repeat the drink programming procedure (See section 8.1).
The machine emits an intermittent acoustic signal.

Automatic filling has been enabled.

The mains water supply has not been connected.

Check the mains line connection.

Whoever is using the machine is filling the tank manually. Set the machine correctly (see section


The machine cannot fill the tank within the time set in the factory.

The tube is defective.

Check the connection tube.

Electronic system fault.

Contact a maintenance engineer or specialized technician.