FAQ Coolers

1. The machine does not run. 1.1.-Mains connection is not correct.

1.2.-No current at the connection plug.

1.3.-Defective power cable.

1.4.-General switch is broken.

1.5.-Defective faston connectors for the general switch.

2. The mixer does not function. 2.1.-Defective motor connection.

2.2.-Defective mixer switch.

2.3.-Paddle motor or paddles blocked.

2.4.-Defective motor reducer.

3. Cold pilot light does not light even when turning on the right switch. 3.1.-Switch for this mixer is disconnected.

3.2.-Pilot light is burned out.

3.3.-Electronic thermostat defective or disconnected.

3.4.-Electronic thermostat transformer defective or disconnected.

4. Compressor does not start:

4.1 There is no current.

4.2 There is current.

4.1.1.-Electronic thermostat transformer defective or disconnected.

4.1.2.-Electronic thermostat defective or disconnected.

4.2.2.-Starter relay.

4.2.3.-Breaker for overheating.


5. Machine does not cool at all. 5.1.-Coolant gas leak.

5.2.-Dirty condenser.

5.3.-Insufficient ventilation around the machine.

5.4.-Broken fan motor.

5.5.-Electronic thermostat defective or disconnected.

5.6.-Cold switch is defective or on Setting zero.

6. Tap leaks.

6.1.-Rubber tube defective or not properly fitted.

6.2.-Check tap springs.

7. Tank leaks.

7.1.-Defective tank seal.